Leveling the playing field

    We specialize in building relationships with institutions doing more (in our opinion, the most) with less. Our goal is to aid in your process, examine where your institution resides within the vast landscape of education and its unique challenges, and generate solutions for overcoming the most demanding, complex barriers to its advancement.


    Over the years, we’ve recognized a gap within the education consulting space. Our experience has taught us that those who serve and do the most require the greatest resources - physical, financial, and intellectual - but external expertise within this space has historically been limited. Let’s close this gap together.



    At Marquee, the proof of success lies in transformation

    We measure success through institutions' ability to transform. The field of education relies on leaders who are flexible and strategic in their planning. An awareness of global economic forces, demographic shifts, and sociological and political systems is not just smart - it's key. Adaptive institutions allow the needs and discussions of the moment to add to their core values while maintaining their innermost essence: their truth. Marquee recognizes these many factors impacting institutions and incorporates them into who we are, what we do, and who we serve.


    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

    We're not consultants - we're partners. We value transformations over transactions and work hand-in-hand with institutions to simplify complexity, increase value, and facilitate intergenerational equity. From harnessing human capital and financial management to employing the power of smart data, today’s practitioners are faced with an increasingly intricate set of internal and external challenges.


    Marquee welcomes these challenges and views them as opportunities both to solve some of the field's most pressing issues and to partner with world-class institutions in laying the groundwork for more predictable, prosperous futures.

    Institutional Strategy

    Organizational Management

    Financial & Endowment Insight


    Our services focus on utilizing data-driven strategies across three pillars, driving both short- and long-term effectiveness



    Our proprietary Marquee Strategic Institutional Assessment leverages the power of smart-data to craft comprehensive solutions to the most demanding organizational challenges.

    Our Principles 

    Marquee prides itself on employing a global mindset which recognizes the value of human capital and smart data across broad economic contexts. As components of larger communities, institutions of higher learning are subject to the ebb and flow of broader society. We understand that every school exists as part of a unique ecosystem, complete with distinctive challenges and goals. Our insights are drawn from a hands-on, no-nonsense investigative approach designed to inform key institutional leadership in planning for a more dynamic future.

    A Mid-Atlantic Focus

    Headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Marquee serves institutions across the Mid-Atlantic region and the Eastern Coast of the United States.