Strong Relationships, Real Results  

It is often said experience is the best teacher. At Marquee, we take that . 

We are a team of energetic, value-driven professionals motivated to serve our unique client base. While other consulting firms form transactional relationships, we strive to set ourselves apart by serving as lifelong stewards working towards fulfilling our clients' missions.


K N O W L E D G E   I S  P O W E R (F U L)

Our team is made up of experienced and insightful professionals with a passion for the field of education, ranging from finance and endowment investment to academic and student affairs, as well as enrollment management and admissions. Our diversity of experience fuels our confidence in providing exceptional, well-positioned service across each of our client partnerships. 



Dominic R. Burkett, M.Ed.

Managing Partner


Anthony J. Siradakis, Ph.D.

Director of Operations



At Marquee, the proof of success lies in transformation

We measure success through institutions' ability to transform. The field of education relies on leaders who are flexible and strategic in their planning. An awareness of global economic forces, demographic shifts, and sociological and political systems is not just smart - it's key. Adaptive institutions allow the needs and discussions of the moment to add to their core values while maintaining their innermost essence: their truth. Marquee recognizes these many factors impacting institutions and incorporates them into who we are, what we do, and who we serve.



Driven by Data

Solving real-world issues by reducing complexity and increasing efficiency


Data is powerful. More than numbers, data allows for the unearthing of causes and relationships, the interpretation of circumstances, and new information to inform alternative ways of thinking. At Marquee, data is our language. We start by taking a holistic approach, performing both qualitative and quantitative forms of research, developing a broad view of your unique circumstances. The synthesis of conversations, stories, and beliefs gathered through rigorous analysis contributes to solving a particular problem. We pride ourselves on taking sources of data and breaking them down into comprehensive yet understandable formats that lead to clear, actionable results.

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3 Principles Driving Our Practice

Luke graduated Magna Cum Laude from William & Mary with a B.A. in International Relations, experiencing first-hand how COVID-19 has impacted the field of higher education. While at William & Mary, Luke earned a minor in economics and a de facto minor in psychology, focusing his undergraduate research on analyzing human behavior from a quantitative perspective. Luke has developed a mastery of analytics using the R programming language from years of experience at the AidData research lab. While at AidData, he worked with spatial population data, trends in international financial transactions, web-scraping, and multilingual natural language processing (NLP). Luke also has experience contracting for federal law enforcement and the intelligence community.



Marquee offers complimentary, no-cost initial consultations for all prospective clients; we welcome the opportunity to forge new relationships. Let's discuss your story, objectives, goals, and strategies for crafting the future of your institution. Our global economic insight relies on decades of knowledge and expertise to weather future storms, analyzing broad markets and external influencers impacting your institution. We'll work together with you to develop a fully comprehensive plan executing your vision. Let's start a conversation together. 

Higher Education